Spectrum Allergy Testing

Does your pet chew, lick or scratch their skin? Have red skin, sneeze, wheeze or cough? It could be an allergy. Just like us, pets can be allergic to almost anything. Allergens can include foods, pollens, molds, dust mites, fleas and many more. Allergens can cause reactions through skin contact, inhalation or ingestion.

Using Spectrum Allergy testing we can now test your pet to find out what substances they are allergic to. In many cases a vaccine can be formulated which can make your pet more tolerant to specific allergens (hyposensitization). Often pets will be allergic to multiple substances rather than just one. If your pet tests positive for a food allergy, Spectrum Labs will supply a list of commercially available pet foods that are free from the ingredients your pet is allergic to. Pets cannot be hyposensitized to foods, so elimination is the only form of treatment.  

If you would like your pet allergy tested, all you need to do is book a consultation with one of our vets. The vet will take a blood sample from your pet which is then sent to the lab for testing. It usually takes about 2 weeks to get the test results back.

If you decide to have a vaccine formulated, your pet will need a series of initial injections, (which you give at home), followed by booster injections to maintain their tolerance levels. These are usually required for life, since allergies are a lifelong problem.

If you would like to know more about allergy testing, give us a call or book an appointment with one of our vets.